«HYPHEN BioMed wishes to associate knowledge in its field of competence and technological complementarities,
in order to create “links” allowing to offer new research and diagnostic tools to the scientific and medical community»

Company Presentation

HYPHEN BioMed is a biotechnology company expanding rapidly. Its major activity is designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing in-vitro research and diagnostic reagents for the exploration of Thrombosis, Hemostasis and Auto-Immunity. These reagents are available worldwide, through an extensive network of specialized distributors, or directly from the company (when there is no local distributor).

Our laboratories are equipped with analytical instruments and with highly performing manufacturing equipment. The facility is optimized to the specialized research and production needs of the company. This equipment is continuously evolving in order to adapt to new needs, and manufacturing the new reagents originated from our research.

HYPHEN BioMed owns a complete range of analytical equipment for immunological, clotting and chromogenic methods. The company has also full equipment for cell culture, production of recombinant proteins, engineering and purification of proteins from plasma or biological extracts. Manufacturing machines include various lyophilizers, with a full capacity of up to 105,000 vials/run, and fully automated filling, capping and labelling lines (20,000 vials/hour).

Quality System

One of our major objectives is to achieve excellence in the quality of our products, services and support by adhering to international quality standards. HYPHEN BioMed is certified ISO 13485:2016 (TÜV Rheinland).

The basic objectives and commitments of each HYPHEN BioMed employee is dedicated to deliver full customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.

Product and Applications:

We are proud to contribute to healthcare progresses thanks to today’s technological innovations and our mind is totally focused to meet this challenge.

With this mind, HYPHEN BioMed proposes a complete and continuously growing line of reagents including: purified proteins and enzymes, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, various immunoconjugates, chromogenic, clotting and immunological kits for research or diagnosis. This line allows exploring blood coagulation and fibrinolysis, as well as Thrombosis associated Auto-Immune disorders.

Our reagents are recognized as useful tools for the pharmaceutical research and drug discovery, and allow testing the efficacy and safety of new anticoagulant and cardio-vascular drugs under current development. When needed, technologies are then available as companion diagnostics for new drugs.

As methods proposed are designed for multi-platform use, specific instrument applications are developed, and made available to all customers for facilitating and bringing value to their laboratory work.

Product Lines Available

  • HEMOCLOT™: A range of routine and specialized clotting assays designed with highly purified coagulation factors and other raw materials.
  • BIOPHEN™: Innovative technology of chromogenic assays as well as calibrators and controls (traceable to the WHO International Standards) fully automatable on laboratory instruments.
  • ZYMUPHEN™: Proprietary bio-immunoassays, highly specific,  for testing rare protein activities in coagulation and fibrinolysis (such as tPA, PAI-1, TF, TAFI, EVs…)
  • ZYMUTEST™: Complete line of highly sensitive, accurate and specific Enzyme Immunoassays (ELISA) which remains the reference method for the exploration of biomarkers and proteins of thrombotic diseases, fibrinolysis or autoimmunity and drug induced thrombocytopenia for example.
  • LIAPHEN™: A range of enhanced turbidimetric latex immunoassays for quantitative determination of various hemostasis proteins and biomarkers on citrated plasma, fully automatable on laboratory instruments.